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Central City West District Properties, Downtown Los Angeles

City West, also known as Central City West, is a name sometimes given to refer to the eastern edge of the neighborhood of Pico-Union in Los Angeles, California. The term is often used by residents, newspapers, and developers, as part of an attempt to include the area immediately west of the 110 Freeway as a part of Downtown Los Angeles. Although City West is occasionally considered either part of Pico-Union or an outlying area of Westlake, its high-rise skyline mimics the adjacent Downtown Financial District more than any other surrounding neighborhood.

Central City West District of Downtown

Oil from beneath this neighborhood fueled the city's first industrial boom in the 1890s, and provided hundreds of men and women with the opportunity to "strike it rich." Even though the area's distinctive wooden derricks are gone, the mix of Victorian houses and oil wells remain intact today, and the wells are still maintained by family-run operators.

Today, it brings conveniences to Downtown L.A. like; The Home Depot & Food For Less. Located only about a half of a mile West of Downtown. These big box stores have helped with the revival and sustainability of the New Downtown L.A.

The Current buildings located in the Central City West District are the; 1100 Wilshire, Vista Montoya, City View Lofts & Vero.

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