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The Flats Of Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hills Flats is a neighborhood that is roughly defined by Sunset Boulevard on the north, Doheny Boulevard on the east by West Hollywood, Whittier on the west, bordering on Holmby Hills and Santa Monica Boulevard on the south. The term "The Flats" comes from the fact that, unlike neighborhoods such as Trousdale Estates, Holmby Hills and Beverly Hills Post Office, the real estate and surroundings are much more physically flat.  The blocks were designed by landscape architect William D. Cook, with large lots and wide curving streets lined with palm, eucalyptus and acacia trees and a three block 80 foot wide park running along Santa Monica Boulevard, parallel to the Los Angeles Country Club.

The Beverly Hills Flats Circa 1920

The Beverly Hills Flats Circa 2010

The parkway trees that line the streets of Beverly Hills, as well as the trees in the parks of the City, comprise the City's urban forest.  From its inception, the management of the City of Beverly Hills urban forest has been a master planned effort. The Green and Cook Community Plan of 1906 is credited with the original planting of trees along the streets of the City. The idea of this plan was to uniformly plant a specie of tree along a street, and to vary the specie of tree along the different streets of the City. Some of the original street tree plantings did not adapt well to the area. Other trees began to crowd each other as they matured. While the loss of mature trees is a somber event, removal and replacement of declining trees plays an important role in the long-term sustainability of Beverly Hills urban forest.

The streets of The Beverly Hills Flats include; N. Alpine Dr., Alta Dr., N. Arden Dr., N. Bedford Dr., N. Beverly Dr., N. Camden Dr., N. Canon Dr., Carmelita Ave., N. Crescent Dr., Elevado Ave., N. Elm Dr., Foothill Rd., N. Hillcrest Rd., N. Linden Dr., Lomitas Ave., N. Maple Dr., N. Oakhurst Dr., N. Palm Dr., N. Rodeo Dr., Rexford Dr., N. Roxbury Dr., Sierra Dr., Trenton Dr., Walden Dr. and Whittier Dr.

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